Proton Therapy
South Florida Radiation Onocology's Newest Cancer Fighting Treatment: Proton Therapy
The MEVION S250 System for proton therapy is the newest tool in South Florida Radiation Oncology’s cancer fighting arsenal. Compared to conventional radiation treatments, proton therapy delivers a precisely targeted dose, decreasing the amount of dose to healthy tissue and potentially lowering side effects typically associated with radiation treatments.

Proton Therapy Cancer Treatment in Florida

What is Proton Therapy?

Proton Therapy: A New Cancer Treatment in South Florida

Put simply, proton therapy promises better outcomes for patients undergoing cancer treatment, with the potential for fewer side effects.

Proton therapy has benefits over conventional therapy in the treatment of many common cancers, such as prostate cancer, cancer in children, lung cancer, cancers of the eye and many more.

How does Proton Therapy work?

To understand the benefits of proton therapy, it's important to understand how traditional radiation therapy works. A patient who undergoes conventional radiation therapy is exposed to X-rays. As they pass through both healthy and diseased tissue, X-rays leave a track of damage—much like a bullet. This damage can help destroy tumors, but may cause significant harm to surrounding areas.

In proton therapy, protons are more precisely targeted than X-rays. Protons also cause less damage to healthy tissue as they enter the body, and deposit the majority of their destructive energy at the tumor site. Once this energy has been deposited at the tumor site, there is no additional damage to the healthy tissue behind the tumor as there is no exit dose.

As a result, with proton therapy, normal, healthy tissue receives less exposure to radiation, resulting in fewer treatment complications. Fewer treatment complications enable our physicians to deliver higher doses of radiation to the tumor. This increased dose improves a patient's probability of a successful outcome.

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